FEDBase® is at the core of FDI's outstanding achievements in the accurate supply of new military equipment and spare parts.

FDI Technology Advantage:

  • FEDBase®, a proprietary SQL Database implemented and improved over a 17-year period contains our full history of customer requisitions since 2000.
  • FEDBase® allows tremendous automation benefits with RFID's, Bar Codes, DD-250's and more.
  • FEDBase® allows CAGE specialization. FEDBase® is SQL based which allows for unlimited expansion of part numbers with highly efficient managerial and process interfaces.
  • FEDBase® architecture is a highly flexible design, metrics driven, focused on quickly and accurately responding to customer needs.
  • The advances in processing speed FEDBase® has achieved using metrics, cataloging, tracking, electronic forms and expediting is incredible.
  • With the unique advantages of FEDBase®, FDI is far ahead of the competition.