Supplier Forms

The following is a list of forms in PDF format that will assist you in doing business with Federal Defense Industrues, Inc. If you require a PDF reader for your computer, you can click here to download the latest free PDF viewer application.

  • FDI Standard Purchase Order Terms and Conditions 031623-Rev 17
  • FDI Standard Purchase Order Terms and Conditions 09142021-Rev 16
  • FDI Special Purchase Order Terms and Conditions - Heat Treatment 52.247-4016
  • DPAS Regulation

    For the convenience of our suppliers, we have posted the current provisions of the 15 CFR 700 Provisions for Defense Priorities and Allocations System (DPAS) as they apply to the standard FDI Purchase Order provision titled DPAS RATING. This provision is an essential requirement of your FDI purchase order due to the order being in fulfillment of one or more US Department of Defense contracts.

    The spirit of the DPAS provision is to ensure the timely availability of industrial resources of the United States of America by requesting and requiring that order processing, manufacturing, and deliveries be made as promptly as possible for articles being acquired under DoD contracts.

    The DPAS provisions are especially important and restrictive for any orders which are rated DX. Currently FDI does not process DX rated orders, only DO rated orders. The specific provisions are available in the above document.

    Should you have any questions regarding these provisions, please contact your FDI Procurement Specialist or FDI at (805) 530-3800 and ask for our accounting team.

  • Certificate of Conformance

    For the convenience of Federal Defense Industries, Inc. suppliers who may not already have an established Certificate of Conformance, we have posted a sample for your use. A Certificate of Conformance (CofC) is required by the US Government Contracts under which FDI makes all purchases from Manufacturers, OEMs, Distributors and Suppliers. The purpose of a Certificate of Conformance is to have an authorized representative of the source of supply certify that the parts ordered are correct and conforming to the drawings. This certificate helps prevent fraudulent supply of imitation parts, helps suppliers re-confirm part numbers and purchase order provisions and prevents errors. Many suppliers have an acceptable CofC pre-printed on their packing slips, while others supply a separate certificate page. Either way, the signature of an authorized company representative is required, whether original signature or pre-printed as a part of your company's shipping documentation forms.


    Complete, sign, and return the document via e-mail to: Our accounting team or David Blakely are available at (805) 530-3800 to answer your questions regarding your Purchase Order or Certificates of Conformance.

    Should you have a Non-Conforming issue and not be able to supply a CofC, please notify the Procurement Specialist listed on your Purchase Order immediately, or Randye Rogers, FDI Procurement Manager, at (805) 530-3800. Please DO NOT ship alternate or replacement part numbers if they are not specifically listed and authorized on your purchase order. Thank you for your cooperation.

  • The minimum value of a single purchase order accepted by FDI is $250.