Cadillac Gage

Federal Defense Industries:

Your Source for Cadillac Gage Legacy Vehicle Spare Parts

In February 2010 Textron Marine & Land Systems, an operating unit of Textron Systems, a Textron Inc. (NYSE: TXT) company, entered into a strategic license agreement with Federal Defense Industries, Inc., for the sourcing, procurement and sale of Cadillac Gage vehicle spare parts in support of Foreign Military Sale (FMS) contracts.

This license agreement enables Federal Defense Industries (FDI) to manufacture, source and supply Cadillac Gage OEM authorized replacement parts directly to the United States Government for the more than 5,000 Cadillac Gage vehicles that have been sold around the world.

Customers outside of the United States are encouraged to contact their local Security Cooperation Officer, or the United States Army Security Assistance Command (USASAC) for instructions regarding submitting their requirements through the U.S. Army Tank Automotive Command (TACOM) SNAP FMS program; or the Air Force Security Assistance Command (AFSAC) program, PROS IV.

This license agreement also enables FDI to manufacture, source, and supply OEM authorized replacement parts directly to city, county, state and federal agencies within the United States. Numerous SWAT teams have Cadillac Gage V-150 model armored vehicles that FDI supports.

Having the reliability of Cadillac Gage OEM Authorized replacement parts ensures the maximum benefit for Cadillac Gage vehicle operators all over the world. If you want it right, you want it from FDI.

FDI maintains a technical library of intellectual property consisting of over 22,000 drawings in support of spare parts for the following models of Cadillac Gage vehicles:

  • V-100
  • V-150
  • V-150S
  • V-150ST
  • V-200
  • V-300
  • V-600
  • Scout
  • Ranger
  • Stingray Tank

FDI provides innovative solutions for furnishing spare parts obsoleted by OEMs through expert sourcing from a pool of over 4,500 suppliers. We have successfully provided spare parts ranging from mechanical and electrical to weldments, tires and tool kits.

We possess the ability to re-source or re-engineer parts that are no longer in production based on a sample part or a part provided from your vehicle. Our research and development program is further enhanced by our access to a V-150 vehicle located at our facility.

For help determining which Cadillac Gage vehicle you have, please see our flyer with descriptions of commonly found vehicles in the US. Please send your requirements to: Our Cadillac Gage Legacy Vehicles Support Specialist (