Leadership Team

Message from the President of FDI

Philip Ochoa

As professional logisticians, we must never forget the importance of the smallest item on the list. We must treat each item as the most important item, because without it, a tank, ship, radar, or aircraft could remain inoperable and non‐mission capable. It may be one soldier, ten airmen, or one hundred allies whose lives depend on our commitment to perfection. We must get it right and promptly supply their needs perfectly. Every time. Even to the last item on the list. Even for the alleged ‘impossible to find’ item. We must always be passionate about perfecting the supply chain, and proud of our diligent efforts. We must have the best supply chain in the world, or we cannot have the best military in the world.

Philip Ochoa, President, Federal Defense Industries

FDI's "Atomic" Team Structure

The core of FDI's operations is the FDI "Atomic" Team Structure which centers all processes on quality. All of FDI's "Atomic" Teams are highly qualified and committed to serving our customers with continuous improvements in every area and process. Business processes are focused on achieving efficiency and speed while advancing quality objectives.