Goals, Values and Aspirations

FDI's goals, values and aspirations are integral to our day-to-day operations as well as our success at being THE BEST.


  • Enhance our customers' success, especially through order execution and value added problem solving, utilizing innovative technology, engineering expertise and leadership.
  • Continue to increase capitalization, maintaining zero or low debt to depreciable assets and efficient inventory levels.
  • Continue to value our relationships with suppliers and exceed their expectations.
  • Make progress as an employer of choice with emphasis on creating a work environment that promotes respect and encourages learning and professional development.
  • Continue to value the relationships with our customers as a basis for measuring our performance and success.
  • Promote usage of a person's first name as a basis of achieved familiarity and honor.



  • Treat people with respect and dignity.
  • Foster teamwork and collaboration.
  • Help fellow employees improve their skills.
  • Recognize and reward accomplishment.
  • Welcome diversity and diverse opinions.


  • Be honest, forthright and trustworthy.
  • Use straight talk, no hidden agendas.
  • Respect ethics, laws, and regulations.


  • Honor commitments to customers, suppliers and each other.
  • Accept personal responsibility to meet commitments.


  • Continually improve performance.
  • Stress quality, productivity, growth, and best practices.
  • Strive to always be THE BEST.



  • We ARE the very best in our industry and we want to always rank as the best with both our customers and suppliers in terms of performance, reputation, and integrity.
  • We will utilize our "Atomic Team" business model to outperform competitors of any size.
  • We will be the most admired American logistics and spare parts supply company working for the United States Government.
  • We will be an employer of choice for a diverse workplace.