FDI and OSHKOSH Team Up For Spares Support

MOORPARK, CA 28 FEBRUARY 2009: Federal Defense Industries, Inc. (FDI) President Philip Ochoa announced that FDI has been awarded a new distributor relationship with Oshkosh Corp., formerly referred to as Oshkosh Truck,(NYSE OSK) Oshkosh, WI. Ochoa stated this new arrangement will facilitate FDI's accomplishment of their mission critical support to TACOM's SNAP Program, which supports FMS cases for new equipment and spare parts for military End-Users of US friendly countries abroad.

Inherent in the new relationship will be faster supply cycle times to TACOM SNAP customers, improved supply rate against open requisitions, and reduced requisition processing times with lower net costs to TACOM SNAP and their FMS End-Users.

FDI additionally expects the new relationship to improve its ability to work with Oshkosh's engineering and product support groups to supply items previously deemed as obsolete.

Both FDI and Oshkosh Corp. incorporate ISO 9001 certified Quality Systems in their supply processes.