The Right Parts.
The Right Equipment.
The Right Way.
FDI is the right choice
Our customers rely
on our commitment
to perfection.
That is the FDI difference
Our buying power means
equipment reaches
our soldiers faster.
That is the FDI difference
FDI has a record of
honesty that our clients
count on.
That is the FDI difference
Over 4,500 OEM's and suppliers
mean we can get that
hard to find part
That is the FDI difference
Celebrating over 17 years
of reliable and progressive
That is the FDI difference
U.S. Government contracts
and orders processed to date.
What We Do

We source new equipment and spares from Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and provide repair management solutions for Maintenance, Repair, & Overhaul (MRO) facilities in support of the U.S. Government and U.S. Armed Forces.

Our Capabilities

With over 34,000 government orders completed, we have the expertise and experience to ensure our vendor’s products and services make it to the right end-user, at the right time, in the right condition.

streamlined supply chain solutions

We have built relationships with over 4,500 OEMs by providing a simplified point-of-entry into government contract opportunities.  We offer client opportunity analysis and identification, worry-free order and documentation processing, easy payment terms, and precise shipping and packing services.

why fdi

Using our proprietary procurement and management processes, we can provide straightforward and expeditious access into valuable government contract opportunities for every U.S. military branch and Foreign Military Sales contracts.

As professional logisticians, we must never forget the importance of the smallest item on the list. We must treat each item as the most important item, because without it, a tank, ship, radar, or aircraft could remain inoperable and non‐mission capable It may be one soldier, ten airmen, or one hundred allies whose lives depend on our commitment to perfection. We must get it right and promptly supply their needs perfectly. Every time. Even to the last item on the list. Even for the alleged ‘impossible to find’ item. We must always be passionate about perfecting the supply chain, and proud of our diligent efforts. We must have the best supply chain in the world, or we cannot have the best military in the world.

- Philip Ochoa, President, Federal Defense Industries